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What is Client Retention?

Client Retention

Signing up and keeping new clients is the lifeblood of many companies. Client retention is the ability to keep your customers or clients working with you over a long period of time. A good way to practice this is to show new and existing clients appreciation for their business. When your client feels important and that they are a priority, they more likely to keep utilizing your services and less likely to leave.

Use the following strategies to grow customer loyalty:

  • Make doing business with you convenient – Make everything as easy for them as possible
  • Promote and use their products and services – If you have another client who could use their services, refer them and also use their products and services yourself
  • Keep your word – If you tell them you are going to do something, do it in a timely manner
  • Give back to your best customers – If you are having a promotion or special pricing, make sure your best customers know about it first
  • Provide excellent customer service – Provide fantastic service and do it with a great attitude
  • Address any concerns right away – Mistakes can happen and if one does, fix it as soon possible and discuss it with your client so they know it is handled and everything is alright
  • Keep in touch – Let them know you are there and taking care of them

These days, with our technological world, business relationships can become monthly invoices and emails. A great way to grow customer loyalty is through a reward. An easy way is to send them a gift. You can even include a hand written thank you note inside.

Have you ever heard of a monthly subscription gift box? A monthly subscription gift box is a monthy reminder to your client that you are thinking of them and you appreciate their business.

If they have staff, a gift box full of snacks can be shared throughout the office. This way in addition to your client enjoing your gift, their office staff will too and they will talk about how nice it is working with your company. This will even cement your business relationship even more!

Many people enjoy gifts made in the USA. USA Snax is a monthly gift box of snacks. They feature snacks made locally from a different featured state in the USA each month. They seek out the best snacks that locals and visitors love to eat from each state. If you would like to send your clients snacks from your state or theirs, USA Snax can also put together a special box just for your company.

They can include a note, letter and/or your company brochure (just send it to them to be included in your snack boxes). USA Snax can also customize the boxes to feature your company logo. Click Here to Get Started

Your clients are one of your company’s most important assets. Keeping them happy will retain their business. Use the strategies above, reward your clients and they will become your biggest cheerleaders and continue utilizing your products or services.