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What does it mean to Snack Your Way Across The USA?

What does it mean to Snack Your Way Across The USA?

Who can say they have been to every state in America? That might be difficult with everyone’s busy schedule and COVID-19 regulations. Who can say they have tried snacks or food from every state? Probably not too many people. But for most, this is much more plausible than visiting every state. At USA Snax, we give everyone the opportunity to get a taste of each state.

In this blog, we’ll discuss what separates USA Snax from the competition and what it truly means to Snack Your Way Across The USA!

A Unique Experience

After hours, days, weeks and months of research, we haven’t found another subscription snack box company that offers what we do. Most subscription snack boxes offer products that you can buy at a local grocery store and are mass-produced. Our snacks come mostly from mom and pop shops that are locally made. What does this mean? It means the snacks we put in our boxes are fresh and handled with care.

When you receive a USA Snax box at your front door, you might notice our boxes are sturdy, making it very difficult for anything inside to be damaged. But you can’t just ship a sturdy box that doesn’t have a good presentation. You will be blown away by the attention to detail and aesthetics of your box. Not only will you find gourmet snacks, but family-fun experience cards about the featured state are placed in the box as well.

Supporting Local Businesses

It wouldn’t be appropriate to say Snack Your Way Across The USA and not support small businesses. When you sign up for a subscription with us, that’s exactly what you’re doing, supporting local small businesses across the country. Whether it’s a small bakery in Key West, Florida or a small wheat manufacturer in the heart of Kansas, you are helping them stay open during a very challenging time. Does this mean you might have to a pay a little bit more for these boxes? Yes, but as we stated earlier, our snacks are not mass-produced so these smaller companies can’t sell snacks to us for the same rate as a large brand name company. We are proud to say with every subscription we sell, it benefits a small American business.

USA Snax

If you’re looking for a fun, unique experience that supports small businesses, look no further than USA Snax. Our subscription boxes make a perfect gift for that snacker in your life and it’s also fun to treat yourself as well! If you or someone you know works in a corporate office, tell them about our corporate gifts! It’s a wonderful way for employers to tell employees and business partners that they are appreciated!

Discover America in a Fun New Way, Snack Your Way Across The USA!