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The Psychology of Snacking

The Psychology of Snacking

Picture this, you’ve just stood up from the dinner table after eating a very satisfying, filling meal. Initially, you feel content and full. But 20, 30, 40 minutes pass and all of a sudden, you’re craving a sweet or salty snack. Why does this happen? How can you go from full to hungry in a matter of minutes? Oftentimes, you’re not really hungry. Your brain is just convincing you that you are. People snack for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, people do snack because they are actually hungry, but a myriad of other variables often come into play that makes you want to snack.

In this blog, we’ll discuss why people snack, how your mood affects cravings and how the environment you’re in contributes to snacking habits.

How Does Your Mood Affect Snacking?

There has always been a notion that people snack more when they are sad or feeling down as a way of cheering themselves up. But according to a recent study, individuals who were feeling down actually consumed fewer calories than people who were snacking in a good mood. The discrepancy of “good mood snacking” compared to “negative mood snacking” was the largest in men and young adults. Men and young adults snacked far more often when they were in a good mood compared to when they were in a negative mood. Overall, the study found that most people snack more when they are happy compared to when they are sad.

Have you ever found yourself snacking more when you are bored? That’s because snacking breaks up the monotony or boredom. It raises your dopamine levels and can cause you to become temporarily excited over and over again. So if you’re bored, but overall in a good mood, it could lead to some serious snacking!


Whether you’re home or at work, the type of environment you are in can play a major factor in daily snacking habits. If you grew up in a home where snacks were bursting at the seams of the pantry (healthy or unhealthy), you’re more likely to adopt that into your adult life. Do you have a lot of downtime at home? Or are you always running around taking care of people and staying active? People who have more downtime tend to snack more at home, simply to fill time.

If you work in an office with vending machines around every corner, it’s very tempting to just spend $.75 and get a cheap, oftentimes unhealthy snack. But if you work in an office that provides incentives for going to the doctor for a check-up every so often, you’re probably more likely to bring a healthier snack.

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Source: All Psych