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Snacking! It’s What We Do!

As human beings, we must eat to survive. But our eating patterns have changed throughout the years. During the late 18th century the “three square meal” model was popular. For the working class, eating times were largely based on working hours. During the early 19th century, as people began working later in the day, they would have an evening meal upon returning home.

Today, many people are not on the three square meals a day model but snack and eat whenever they want. Snacking has become a huge part of our daily eating habits.

Why do people snack?

Reasons for snacking include:

  • Being hungry or thirsty
  • Craving something sweet
  • Craving something salty
  • Being bored
  • Feeling like an energy boost is needed
  • Time until next meal is too long

Recent data shows most people snack at some point during the week.

Psychology of Snacking

Did you know there is a psychological component to snacking? You may think that more people snack when they are feeling down, but for some groups the opposite is true. Young adults and men tend to snack more when they are in a good mood. Women and other age groups didn’t snack more when they were in a good mood.

Places People Snack

People like to snack in a variety of places including:

  • Work
  • Home
  • In the car
  • At school

There are no rules for snacking and everyone has their favorites. Many people like to try new snacks that they never had before. USA Snax offers monthly subscription boxes of snacks featuring a different state in the USA each month.

Snacks are a mix of sweet and salty. You can choose from three sizes of snack boxes to fit your snacking needs. You can purchase a one-time snack box to try or for a gift.’

Snacks can be fun! Snack your way across the USA!

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