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We can no longer offer USA Snax due to skyrocketing prices and supply chain shortages.


Vermont Subscription Snacks

February 2022 Snax

Vermont is a state located in the northeastern part of the United States. Vermont was the 14th state to join the Union and was admitted on March 4, 1791. Vermont is known for its maple syrup production and is the largest producer of maple syrup in the United States. Vermont also has many other points of interest, including its mountains and forests.

Vermont's capital is Montpelier and the largest city is Burlington. Vermont is a beautiful state and is worth a visit for anyone interested in its history and natural scenery.

Our February Snax Boxes featured an array of tasty snacks made by local companies in Vermont. From Onesto's handmade cinnamon sugar and double chocolate chip cookies to Yolo Snacks assorted popcorns, this box offered a nice variety of sweet and salty options.

January 2022 Snax

New York is a state in the Northeastern region of the United States and is often noted for its status as a leading financial center. New York is commonly known as the “Empire State” from its namesake by George Washington. New York has been described as a “monumental” and “international” city.

New York state's main geographical divisions: the Hudson River Valley in the east, the Atlantic Coastal Plain in the central-eastern part of the state, Long Island (part of which is across Long Island Sound) in the southeast, the Appalachian Mountains which are mostly in New York's extreme northwestern section and there are also the Adirondacks in the northeastern part of the state.

New York City is known for its history as a gateway for immigration to the United States and its status as a transportation hub, with hundreds of railroads in various parts of new york. There are five boroughs of New York City: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens and the Bronx.

January's Snax offered a tasty mix of sweet and salty snacks (many handmade).

New York Subscription Snacks
New Jersey Subscription Snacks

December 2021 Snax

The state of New Jersey is located on the east coast, with Ohio to the west and Pennsylvania to the north. It also borders the Atlantic Ocean which makes up much of the southern border. Originally settled by Dutch explorers in 1624, it was eventually divided into two distinct parts: East Jersey, inhabited primarily by English settlers, and West Jersey, which was New Sweden.

New Jersey was one of the original thirteen states to join the Union in 1787. New Jersey is not only known for its boardwalks, beaches and casinos but also for being one of the most densely populated areas in the U.S with a population of about 8 million people.

New Jersey's climate includes humid summers that are often hot, with July being the warmest month at an average high of about 86 degrees Fahrenheit. New Jersey is known for its harsh winters with January averaging 26 degrees Fahrenheit and can get hit by Nor'easters, which are large storms that move up the eastern seaboard and affect New England and New York as well.

New Jersey averages around 50 inches of rainfall a year and it is not unusual for New Jersey to experience drought-like conditions causing water restrictions. New Jersey is known for its natural disasters, mostly flooding and occasional earthquakes, which occur 5-10 times a year.

November 2021 Snax

Wisconsin is the 20th most populous and the 23rd most extensive of the 50 states of the United States. Wisconsin is in the north-central United States, in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions. Wisconsin attained statehood on May 29, 1848, becoming the 30th state to join the union.

Wisconsin is known as America's Dairyland as it is the largest producer of milk in the United States. Wisconsin's capital and biggest city is Milwaukee, which is also considered to be its unofficial economic center. Wisconsin is a popular Midwestern travel destination both in the summer and winter months and has many lakes and forests which attract around 10 million tourists annually.

Wisconsin Dells is Wisconsin's top travel destination. Wisconsin also offers the world's largest water park and indoor water park resort and also has many other tourist attractions such as Lake Geneva, Door County, and Wisconsin Dells.

Wisconsin Snack Box

October 2021 Snax

USA Snax state for the month of October was Pennsylvania, “The Keystone State”.  Founded by William Penn in 1681 Pennsylvania played a key role geographically, economically and politically in the founding of The United States of America, the keystone which supported the other states. 

Pennsylvania, a state famous for Pennsylvania Dutch Country and Hershey Chocolate actually has too many firsts to mention!  Here are a few, little known firsts, that you may not have learned in school:

The Big Mac was invented by Jim Delligatti, who owned several McDonald’s restaurants near Pittsburgh. It was first served in Uniontown in 1967. Now, that is Big snack info!

The world’s first commercial radio station, KDKA first broadcasted November 2,1920. Their first program was announcing the presidential election results.

C.F. Martin Guitars in Nazareth is the world’s oldest guitar manufacturer.  They have been building guitars in the Lehigh Valley since 1833.

Meadocroft Rockshelter in Washington County, Pennsylvania, is the oldest-known site of human habitation in North America dating back 16,000 years.

Pennsylvania, rich in history and snacks!


September 2021 Snax

We featured Snax for September 2021 from the state of Arizona. Best known for the Grand Canyon, Arizona is a southwestern state and the sixth largest state in the USA in terms of area. Arizona became a state on February 14, 1912, and was the last of the 48 contiguous states to be admitted to the union.

According to Wikipedia, since the 1950s, Arizona's population and economy have grown dramatically because of migration into the state, and now the state is a major hub of the Sun Belt. Cities such as Phoenix and Tucson have developed large, sprawling suburban areas. Many large companies, such as PetSmart and Circle K have headquarters in the state, and Arizona is home to major universities, including the University of Arizona and Arizona State University.

We curated some delicious snacks from Arizona's local businesses that helped provide a taste into the local flavors of Arizona including Cheri's Desert Harvest Prickley Pear Candy and Jelly, Cowboy Snacks, Cerreta Candy Company's delicious pecan pralines and so much more…

Arizona Subscription Box
South Carolina Subscription Box

August 2021 Snax

One of the southeastern states in the USA is South Carolina. This state is known for its beautiful beaches, subtropical climate and marshlike sea islands. South Carolina is one of the original 13 colonies and offers a lot of history. In the 16th century, Spanish and French explorers arrived in South Carolina and they found the land already inhabited by small tribes of Native Americans, the largest of which were the Cherokees and the Catawbas.

A permanent English settlement wasn't established until 1670 on the coast near present-day Charleston. In 1710 it was divided into South Carolina and North Carolina. By 1720 the port city of Charleston became an important hub for commerce and culture. The interior or upcountry was being slowly settled by small farmers and traders, who pushed the dwindling tribes of Native Americans to the west.

By the time of the American Revolution, South Carolina was one of the richest colonies in America! South Carolina ratified the United States Constitution on May 23, 1788, becoming the eighth state to enter the union. Our boxes for August 2021 from South Carolina contained some special treats like Lowcountry pimento cheese kettle chips, molasses cookies, bene wafers and extraordinary fruity gummy bears to name a few.

July 2021 Snax

Oklahoma is the 20th largest state in the USA with an area of 69,899 square miles (68,595 square miles of land and 1,304 square miles of water). In 1889 the US government opened 2 million acres of land for settlement on a first come basis. The land run’s designated starting time was noon on April 22, 1889 but some people snuck across the border early and hid to try to get a tract of land more easily. They were nicknamed “Sooners”.

Some of the Sooners were railroad workers who had a good reason for being on the Unassigned Lands but were not supposed to grab land before the starting time. Being there early gave them an unfair advantage to claim land.

On April 22, pistols sounded to start the event and an estimated 50,000 land seekers dashed into the Unassigned Lands to make their claims. A person could claim up to 160 acres and to gain title had to live on the land for at least 5 years and make improvements. Some of the claims made by Sooners were later contested.

Oklahoma Subscription Snacks
Maine Subscription Snacks

June 2021 Snax

Maine is the USA's most northeastern state and is known for its rocky coastline (about 3,478 miles of it), heavily forested interior, rolling mountains, beautiful waterways and of course seafood (especially lobster and clams). Maine is the only state that shares its border with just one other US state (New Hampshire to the west) and is bordered by the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec to the northeast and northwest.

90% of the USA's lobster supply comes from Maine. About 40 million pounds of lobster is caught off of the coast of Maine each year. Also, 99% of the blueberries in the USA are produced in Maine. In 2010 the US Census named Maine as the most rural state in the country with 61.3% of its population living in rural areas (814,819 people). There are many areas to go hiking and biking that offer spectacular views.

In our June Snax box from Maine, we included Needhams, gummy lobsters, maple cone and candy, almond blueberry mix, Fox Family chips, and raisin bread to name a few so our customers could get a great taste of the state of Maine!

May 2021 Snax

Michigan is a state in the Great Lakes and Upper Midwestern United States and has the 10th highest population in the US with about 10 million people living there. 

The freshwater coastline of Michigan is the longest in the world and is bordered by four of the five Great Lakes (Superior, Michigan, Huron and Erie) and also Lake St Clair.

Michigan is known as the center of America for the automotive industry. Three of the major automobile companies call Michigan home and started in Detroit (General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and Ford Motor Company).

There are a wide variety of crops grown in Michigan on the 54,800 farms that utilize 10 million acres of land.

As can be seen from all of the tasty snacks in our May box from Michigan, there are many small companies there that make delicious sweet and salty goodies!

May 2021 Past Box
April Subscription Snacks

April 2021 Snax

The diverse landscape, culture, and industry giants in California make it one of the most intriguing states in America! There isn't another state that can offer such an abundance of activities for all ages and demographics! Mountains, valleys, beaches, and city life make California a wonderful destination for vacationers. The Golden State has the largest population out of any state and has nearly 2 million more residents than Canada!

We found some amazing hidden gems in California! Some fan favorites were the Golden Toffee Pretzels, Chipotle Lime Almonds, and Sees Candies Lollipops! Want to join the USA Snax family? Subscribe today!

March 2021 Snax

Oregon, also known as “The Beaver State” became the 33rd state of the union in 1859. Oregon is known for a wild-west past and a landscape that features majestic sights. One of the most amazing natural landmarks in the United States is Crater Lake, which is located in the south-central part of the state. This lake is close to 2,000 feet deep, making it the deepest lake in America, and was formed by a collapsed volcano about 7,700 years ago!

Our Oregon box was one of our most deliciously diverse boxes yet! Our blue box featured sweet, salty, organic, keto, and gluten-free snacks! Some of our subscribers' favorite snacks in this box were Spudlove Organic Chips, Conundrum Trail Mix, and The Cookie Department Keto Cake Walk!

Oregon Subscription Snacks
February Subscription Snacks

February 2021 Snax

With the sky-high Appalachian Mountains, the rolling open land of the Piedmont, white sandy beaches, and fast-paced city life, the state of North Carolina truly has something for everyone. The scenic beauty, rich culture in history and the arts, and world-class sports make the 12th state of the union a vacationer's dream.

Although North Carolina is only the 28th largest state, it ranks 9th in population in the United States. It's bordered by Virginia to the north, Georgia and South Carolina to the south, and Tennessee to the west.

Our North Carolina box was full of delicious snax! Fan favorites included the Pine State Popcorn, Carolina Kettle Cooked Potato Chips and Griff's Pecan Toffee!

Past Boxes