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Marvelous Michigan

Marvelous Michigan

Michigan is known as the Great Lakes State because it borders four of the five Great Lakes. Lake Huron spans most of Michigan’s eastern border. With spectacular views of the sun peeking out over the horizon, this side is known as the “sunrise side.”

Lake Erie, in the southeast corner of the state (just below the thumb), has the smallest lakeshore of the four lakes but its hiking and wildlife is above the rest!

On the upper peninsula along the northern shore of Michigan is Lake Superior. This is the largest freshwater lake in the entire world!

The Straits of Mackinac are short waterways between Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas that are connect by the Mackinac Bridge (a suspension bridge). Lake Huron is connected to Lake Michigan by the Straits of Mackinac.

Technically these two lakes are one because there is such a steady flow of water between these two that they can be considered as one lake.

Did you know?

  • With a population of 10.2 million, Michigan is the 10th most populated state in America!
  • Michigan has about 120 lighthouses making it the state with the most lighthouses in the USA
  • Since 2009, automakers and suppliers have invested $29 billion in Michigan (three times more than any other state)

Michigan’s Core Industries

  • Medical Devices – Michigan is home to more than 500 medical device manufacturers
  • Cybersecurity – Michigan’s Cyber Initiative is improving the states defensives while fostering an environment to rapidly grow cyber talent and business
  • Healthcare – Michigan’s healthcare industry has a total economic impact of $65 billion per year
  • Defense – The Michigan Defense Center leads a comprehensive statewide effort to protect Michigan’s federal and state military facilities and missions
  • Carbon Fiber/Composite Materials – Michigan is leading carbon fiber and lightweight composite materials manufacturing
  • Aerospace – More than 600 areo-space related companies call Michigan home
  • Life Sciences – As of 2017 Michigan’s life sciences industry has employed more than 90,000 people across nearly 2,500 establishments
  • Automotive Industry – Michigan is the epicenter of the global automotive industry
  • Information Technology – Since 2009, Michigan’s information technology growth has outpaced the nation
  • Agribusiness – Michigan’s second largest industry

Michigan has a business-friendly environment, low cost of living and global supply chain assets. Michigan is also beautiful with a stunning natural landscape, enjoyable seasons, an active outdoor lifestyle and don’t forget the tasty snax!

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