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Georgia: More than just Peaches

Georgia: more than just peaches

Georgia is one of the southern-most states in the United States. Although founded in 1732, Georgia didn’t become the fourth state to enter the Union until January 2, 1788, following Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Yes, Georgia is primarily known for growing delicious peaches, and rightfully so. On average, Georgia produces 130 million pounds of peaches per year!

But the Peach State actually offers much more than a delicious, succulent fruit. Georgia supply’s the United States and in some cases the world with things people use daily. In this blog, we’ll go into depth on what makes Georgia such a phenomenal state!

What has come from Georgia?

As we previously mentioned, Georgia produces more peaches than any state in America. But did you know, Georgia is also the top producer of pecans, peanuts and Vidalia onions? The Vidalia onions are considered to be amongst the sweetest in the world! They are grown in the fields of Vidalia and Glennville which are located in the eastern part of the state.

Another sweet treat from the peach state is America’s most iconic soft drink, Coca-Cola, which was invented in 1886 by John Pemberton in Atlanta Georgia. He served nine glasses per day from a pharmacy in downtown Atlanta the first year, and the rest is history.

Education and Entertainment

Georgia has 114 universities and colleges that enroll 337,068 full-time students. Most notably, the University of Georgia in Athens and Georgia Tech in Atlanta come to the mind of most people. Combined, these two schools enroll nearly 64,000 of the 337,068 students in the state. Although these two schools share the same state, they do not share a love for one another. Since Georgia Tech became an institution in 1885 (nearly a century after the University of Georgia), these rivals have gone head to head in both athletics and academics.

The Peach State offers countless exciting family-friendly attractions such as:

  • Georgia Aquarium
  • Lookout Mountain
  • World of Coca-Cola
  • Six Flags
  • Stone Mountain Park

Before planning a trip to any of these places, check to see if they are open or have mask mandates you must follow due to Covid-19.

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