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Girl scouts sell them, grandmother’s give them to their grandchildren and even at the Publix Bakery, children can get one for free.  We are talking about cookies. Who doesn’t love cookies?  Cookies can be made or purchased with a large variety of mix ins from chocolate chips to Fluffernutter and everything in between.

Choco Chip Cookies

Most people have a favorite type of cookie and prefer to eat them with milk, tea, coffee or nothing.  The most popular cookie in the United States is chocolate chip with peanut butter and oatmeal raisin coming in second and third.

Interesting cookie facts:

  • Americans consume about 2 billion cookies each year
  • The average person in the USA eats about 35,000 cookies in their lifetime
  • December 4th is national cookie day
  • In the 1700’s early American tinsmiths started making handmade cookie cutters
  • Half of all cookies baked in American homes each year are chocolate chip

According to history, cookies were founded by accident. In 7th century CE in Persia (one of the first places to grow sugar cane) when ovens had no thermostats.  Small dollops of batter were put into the ovens to test the temperature before baking an entire cake.  If the temperature was not right, the dollop of batter was wasted instead of losing an entire cake.  Who knew that the little bit of test batter would become one of the most popular desserts ever!

Every state in the USA has a “state cookie” and the state cookie for Maryland is the chocolate crab cake cookie.  We may not know why these cookies have this name because they do not contain crab meat but they do have chocolate and coconut so they must taste good!  Here is the recipe

Another well known cookie for the state of Maryland is Berger’s Cookies.  In 1835 German immigrant Henry Berger arrived in the USA. He was a baker by trade and soon opened a bakery in East Baltimore.

Today, Berger’s cookies are basically made from the original recipe from the 1800’s.  Berger’s cookies are a soft, cake like cookie hand dipped in delicious fudge icing.  We had to add these scrumptious cookies to our March box of USA Snax as they are truly one of the iconic snacks of the state of Maryland!