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Are You Interacting With USA Snax On Social Media?

Are You Interacting With USA Snax On Social Media?

Did you know, if you’ve been interacting with USA Snax on social media, it has been extremely beneficial for us as a subscription snack company entering its second year of business? We started this journey in February 2020, one month before COVID-19 turned the world of families and small business owners upside down. We’re not here to complain about the unfortunate circumstances many of us have faced, but instead, thank everyone who has supported us during our first year. We’ve done our best to inform, entertain, interact and answer the questions of our amazing subscribers and social media followers.

In this blog, we’ll describe how interacting with USA Snax on social media (primarily Facebook) positively impacts our business and what we plan on doing for our top Facebook fan at the end of every month!

“Liking” Our Posts

You might not know this, but as you’re scrolling through your news feed and casually like a USA Snax post, you are actually boosting the credibility of our company. When a person comes on our profile and sees the number of likes our page has in addition to the interaction on our posts, there’s a greater chance they will like our page and grow our social media community. The growth of our social media community is vital to the success of USA Snax. So, if we post something that catches your attention while you’re scrolling, you would be doing us a huge favor by simply tapping the like button.

“Commenting” On Our Posts

When commenting on any of our posts, you are actually starting a dialogue that could spread like wildfire through our social media community. It allows us to answer questions, start a conversation, and develop a connection with our audience. Even if someone asks, “why are your boxes more expensive than other subscription snack boxes?” It would give us a platform to explain “Most of the snacks in our boxes are handmade from small local companies across the United States who are unable to sell their snacks to us at a low cost. Because of this, we are unable to sell our snack boxes at a price that matches other mass-produced snack companies. We do business this way because USA Snax supports local mom and pop shops all across the United States.”

So, if you have a question or positive message about our snack boxes, feel free to comment on our post and we will reply in a positive, efficient manner!

“Sharing” Our Posts

Sharing a USA Snax post is one of the most effective ways to help us gain exposure. By clicking the share button, many of your friends who wouldn’t have seen the post otherwise will now have the opportunity to click on our links, like the picture or video, or even share it themselves.

Sharing is different from liking and commenting on a post because it shows up in other Facebook user’s newsfeeds.

USA Snax Mug

USA Snax

At USA Snax, we value the effort our Facebook community puts into interacting with our page. So, starting this month we will be giving a 15oz USA Snax coffee mug to our top Facebook Fan! We are taking into consideration the number of likes, comments and shares for each Facebook follower who engages with our content!

Again, thank you for supporting USA Snax and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest!