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Are You Connecting With Your Employees Who Are Working Remotely?

Are You Connecting With Your Employees Who Are Working Remotely?

A little over a year ago, a large percentage of workers across the world began working remotely. In fact, before COVID-19, only 17% of people worked from home. That number is now up to 44%. Initially, most people thought it would be amazing to work from home. But as months passed, remote work began to lose its glamour for many employees.

In this blog, we’ll discuss why it’s critical to connect with your employees on a regular basis and what you can do to ignite a spark back into your remote workforce!

Remote Work Can Become Mundane

If you’ve worked in an office for your entire professional life, then at a moment’s notice, be forced into a remote position without much say in the matter, it can be tough. Many employees have been missing out on the social aspect of an office job for over a year now. Although remote work didn’t sound so bad a first, it has become a vicious mundane cycle for many workers. In a JLL survey of over 2,000 employees, 74% of people said they want to return to their office AT LEAST part-time. This shows that employees are ready to break free of their current work routine and return to a social environment. But is there a way to for employers to prevent their employees from feeling this way?

Employee Retention

There are many effective strategies that can help prevent your employees from falling victim to the mundane day-to-day routine of a remote job:

  • Don’t let good work go unnoticed
  • One-on-one check-ins with employees
  • Take interest in their well-being
  • Adapt to the unique circumstances
  • Be flexible
  • Face-to-face interaction via video chat
  • Plan fun activities on Fridays, holidays, etc. on video chat

Being an attentive, caring, and knowledgeable supervisor will pay dividends when trying to retain quality employees who are working remotely.

How To Show Appreciation

  • Consistently provide verbal or written confirmation to your employees. Tell them when they do a good job on a project. In a remote work scenario, this can be done on video chat, over a phone call, or even a simple email saying “great job” can make a huge difference in employee morale.
  • Have an employee of the month award for different divisions. Try and switch it up from month to month and include as many employees as you can, as long as they work hard and produce results. Describe why they won the award and how they helped the company.
  • Send a corporate gift to your employees. Find common interests your employees have and try to make the gift memorable. Whether it’s to celebrate a job well done on a project, employee appreciation, or an out of the blue surprise to your employees, corporate gifts are a fun way to say, thank you.

USA Snax

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If you’re interested in giving your employees a box of USA Snax, visit the corporate gifts page on our website and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!